Interviews and articles about music and musicians, some published, others not.



Published Articles

Benny Thomasson and the Texas Fiddling Tradition

JEMF Quarterly Volume 10, Part 3 (Autumn 1974) #35

(High resolution image of "Cripple Creek" transcription)

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An Interview with Benny Thomasson

with Michael Mendelson, David Garelick & Nancy Dols, June 1973

JEMF Quarterly Volume 19, Part 3 (Autumn 1974) #35

The Farr Brothers: Texas Crapshooter (w/ pictures)
(warning - this is a 7MB download!)

A musical & family history of Hugh & Karl Farr, the fiddler and guitarist with the original Sons of the Pioneers
(Liner notes to JEMF LP 107)

MP3 tune clips

The Farr Brothers: Texas Crapshooter (text only)


An Interview With Tiny Moore - May, 1978 (unpublished)

An in-depth interview with the western swing fiddler and electric mandolinist of the Bob Wills and Merle Haggard bands.

"Tiny Moore: Western Swing's Great Mandolinist"

(Frets Magazine / February 1980)

The year 2005 was the "World Year of Physics" - the centenary of the year Albert Einstein published four of his most influential papers, including the Special Theory of Relativity. These tunes were commissioned to comenerate that year by musician and editor-in-chief of Physics Today, Stephen Benka.


A Physics Songbag

"El Baile de los Entrelazados"
A tune in honor of the World Year of Physics -

Physics Today Volume 58, Number 7 (July 2005)


A Physics Songbag Redux

"El Baile de los Entrelazados" & "Physics Today Rag"

Physics Today Volume 58, Number 12 (December 2005)


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A Bibliography of Fiddling in North America (Parts 1 - 6)

An annotated listing of materials from the JEMF, UCLA Ethnomusicology Library, University of California Research Library System, Personal Correspondence, etc.

JEMF Quarterly Volume 11, Part 2 (Summer 1975) #38

JEMF Quarterly Volume 11, Part 3 (Autumn 1975) #39

JEMF Quarterly Volume 11, Part 4 (Winter 1975) #40

JEMF Quarterly Volume 12 (Spring 1976) #41

JEMF Quarterly Volume 12 (Autumn 1976) #43

JEMF Quarterly Volume 13 (Summer 1977) #46


Violin Acoustics - Mechanical Engineering 199
(Independent Study - UC Berkeley, 1971)




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