Chopped Liver --- Contradance music & beyond...

Chopped Liver is a Santa Barbara, California - based contradance and English country dance band whose repertoire includes a wide range of traditional and original tunes, performed in a lively and unique manner.

Band members are:  Michael Mendelson (fiddle)
                                Suzanne Duffy (flute)
                                Jeff Spero (piano)
                                Bill Flores (banjo, mandolin, dobro, tenor sax

Festivals and dances we have played include:

Sam Hinton Folk Festival, San Diego, CA
Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Festival, Agoura Hills, CA
Summer Solstice Festival, Calabasas, CA
(California Traditional Music Society)
Fall Into Spring, Grass Valley, CA
Sprung Floor Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
(Santa Barbara Country Dance Society)
Harvest Moon Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
(Santa Barbara Country Dance Society)


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